Automated IGOO Smartlamp creates endless interaction of light and music

IGOO Smartlamp

Over the years we have seen various lightening devices. The evolution has been breathtaking and today we don’t just switch on the lamps and bulbs in the house, they automatically light up when we walk into the premises. Adding to the list of automated lighting fixtures is Smartlamp designed by IGOO. The Smartlamp can light up automatically in anticipation of your entrance into the house and it comes with eight separate light adjustment categories so you can amend the light to your lifestyle or mood.

IGOO Smartlamp with color changing LEDs is easy to use. The lamp has a very modern sculpture and its controller is simple, intuitive and easy to handle. Capable of creating light changing effects on the press of a button, the Smartlamp known by romantic name of Lightsong, emits lights to mimic daily life lighting, falling asleep, partying, eating, music, love and light therapy etc. You can choose the Lightsong to match your mood or feeling – in order to make dinners more romantic, love more appealing and life more comfortable.

IGOO Smartlamp


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