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Automatic Mi Garden grows plants indoors at the push of a button

We’ve seen a variety of indoor planters in our time but the electronically controlled indoor grow system beats them all, both in efficiency and affordability. Designed by Paul Fernandez to replace the need of a Green Thumb, the Mi Garden is a self-contained indoor planter that lets a user grow fresh vegetable, herbs and flower all at a push of a button. Mi Garden, as mentioned, is self-contained in the sense that the planter is integrated with a light to assist photosynthesis and growth and a micro-controller that can be easily used to control watering and light timing. The automatic planter lets the plants thrive without human intervention, allowing the user to forget about the plants and veggies in the Mi Garden for days together.

The Mi Garden is specially integrated with a micro-controller to benefit the users to grow veggies and flowers indoors effortlessly and without mistakes. The micro-controller interface allows the user to control the choice of vegetable, flowers and herbs etc. from the left side of it, and similarly allows the user to set seeding, growing or ripening from the right side. After the user has made the setting the Mi Garden handles all the monitoring automatically.

The Mi Garden will be available in two options, one with florescent grow light and the other with LED grow lights. The LEDs are able to produce the specific spectrum of light that plants require for photosynthesis. Designed to be really minimalist yet modern, the Mi Garden system is good to go with almost any home décor. The system is featured on indiegogo, and the designer is asking for your banking to launch the first Mi Garden grow system, in case you’ve liked the automatic planter then go out and pledge some cash.

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