Automatically inflating solar-powered umbrella for your backyard

Solar powered cumulus parasol

If you you’re looking to purchase a patio umbrella, here is a true heat-beating alternative you’d love. Cumulus Parasol – a solar-powered umbrella that inflates automatically when the sun beats down on it. Cumulus Parasol from Netherlands Studio Toer can be setup in the backyard and since it inflates automatically you will not have to move from your outdoor lounger at any time. There is a solar panel and fan on top of the fabric umbrella, which expands the umbrella to six-and-a-half feet in less than 20 seconds when sun shines on it.

Solar powered cumulus parasol

Shaped like a cloud, the parasol doesn’t have a metal core structure, instead it is made from a mix of silicone and nylon skin, which make it water resistant, lightweight and durable. Having a curved aerodynamic shape, the umbrella is good to withstand windy weather, it won’t blow away from over your head when sun shines on a windy day. Unveiled recently at the 2014 Milan Design Week, the solar-powered umbrella has a manual switch to deactivate it from inflating automatically when you don’t need it.

Solar powered cumulus parasol

Via: DesignBoom/Gizmodo

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