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Avi-on Bluetooth Light Switches

Avi-on Bluetooth light switches stick wirelessly to any wall

Imagine one day you feel like putting up light switch on a wall where no switches exist, but re-installing entire home lighting is quite costly and require a lot of wiring work. To make this complicated procedure easier, startup Avi-on Labs has created the world’s first ever movable light switches that can wirelessly stick on to any wall, whenever desired.

It comes with a smart plug-in dimmer to control the brightness level of various lighting fixtures such as bulb or dimmer, depending on your mood. You can easily pair Avi-on switches via Bluetooth or Avi-on app to any smart lighting fixture. Further, these Bluetooth-enabled switches connect to your Android or iOS device to set timers or schedules for your lights.

All you need to do is- put it in any room in your house or office, connect it to any smart bulb and now you’re all set to rule lights in your living space without any hassle. Once in place, it can control lighting wirelessly from any corner within the range of 100-feet. These switches are battery powered and can run continuously for three years with no need of replacing.

Sadly, you will not be able to buy the Avi-on switches right away because the firm is seeking funds on Kickstarter, as of now. However, early bidders for $59 will receive a switch and a plug-in dimmer for complete smart home lighting.

Via: Gizmodo

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