AwoX StriimLight B-10 light bulb doubles as a speaker via Bluetooth


We are all familiar with  furniture designs that perform double duty. Today we shall be discussing about a lighting fixture that doubles as a speaker.  French company Awox has unveiled the StriimLight B-10 light bulb, which boasts a built-in speaker to enable music playback via Bluetooth. You can fix this light bulb in any standard light socket. The electricity powers both, the LED light providing a beautiful ambient light and the integrated speaker.

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The StriimLight B-10 can be easily screwed into any standard light socket, paired up with any mobile device and stream music to an 8W LED light bulb. An Infrared remote control is provided with the light bulb that lets you turn on/off the light. It also lets you control volume (high/low)or completely mute the audio. You can easily pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or a tablet. Just turn the light switch on, it beeps two times when it’s ready to be paired. You will then find “StriimLIGHT” on your device’s pairing menu. In case you don’t, then just turn off and then on the light switch to reboot.

Built in Bluetooth speaker is placed right in the middle of the off white LED lights. The 10W speaker measures 2” in diameter with a peak volume quite enough to turn your living room into a dance club. This cool lighting fixture  from Awox will be available for purchase in January 2014 for $99. Watch the video for more.



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