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Ayers Cork is an ultra-modern dining set and luminaire all in one

Ayers Cork by Portuguese designer Albertina Oliveira is a collection of all-natural furniture set made from cork. The  Bronze medal winner at the A’ Design Award and Competition 2015, the Ayers Cork dining set includes an ultra-modern luminaire, a table and six chairs.

Ayers Cork is a minimalist dining collection, with cupola-shaped lightning hovering over the table with the help of two thin wires. The round table is designed to encircle the chairs inside, giving the whole composition a look of beautifully carved and designed tree stump.

The tabletop and luminaire are prepared from corkbolt, which is an environmentally-friendly composite of cork and basal fiber, i.e., durable, lightweight and ecological, whereas the table and chair base is made using single lump of cork. The high-tech CNC machine that operates on precisely programmed commands sculpted each chair.

The chairs are designed to support back and provide a relaxed sitting experience. Indentation on either sides makes it easy to carry the chair anywhere. The lamp uses LED lights to help make it 100 percent ecological.

Ayers Cork is the winner of the Bronze A’ Design Award at the 2015 A’ Design Award & Competition

Ayers Cork is Bronze medalist at the A’ Design Award and Competition 2015

Ayers Cork by Albertina Oliveira

The minimalist dining collection resembles a tree stump

The table top and luminaire is made from corkbolt, while chairs and table top from single block of cork

The table top and luminaire is made from corkbolt, while the chairs and table base from single block of cork

Each chair have vaulted gouge for easy handeling

Each chair has two vaulted gouges for easy handling

The chairs are designed with the help of CNC machine

The chairs are designed with the help of CNC machine

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