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B House by CH+QS

B House is a tiny home that enhances its natural yellow surroundings

 B House by CH+QS

This small and simplistic structure dubbed as B house is located in the quiet meadows of Segovia, Spain, which were purchased by the owners fifteen years ago. Spanish architects CH+QS (Churtichaga + QUADRA-SALCEDO) arquitectos designed the home in a pretty smooth way, taking inspiration from the prominent yellow color of the natural surroundings. This yellow tinge could be seen throughout the year in flowers of spring, harvest of summers, dry leaves of the fall and yellow lichen of winters and many others. The architects made use of warm wood and soft lighting to construct the B house that accentuates the yellow hue of the environment.

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Using the concept of less is more, the architects made the B house in the shape of a rectangular box covering a total area of 150 square meters. Unnecessary space was eliminated to create the miniature structure, which reduced the footprint of this tiny home. The space inside is well utilized where the indoor and outdoor common area is situated right in the center of the home. The oversized glass opening frames the eastern views of dawn over the yellow mountains as well as the western views of rocks, moss, brambles and ancient ash.

The private areas including the bedrooms and the bathrooms are pushed to the outer edges. The walls, floors and the ceilings of the entire structure is dressed sophisticatedly with wooden planks. The bedrooms and bathrooms of the B house have a tiny scale and are outfitted only with necessities. The basement, again made of wood, serves as the children’s play area.

The humble structure of the yellow B House complements the gorgeous view of the surrounding fields. When seen from the outside, it seems as this small home has grown naturally from within the earth along with the yellow trees and flowers.

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