Baby Boo 3D models

Baby Boo lets parents visualize and mount 3D models of their unborn babies

Tarleton, Lancashire-based Baby Boo, is offering something unheard and usual to parents-to be. Giving the yet to be parents a chance to connect and bond with their unborn babies, the clinic provides them 3D printed depiction of their unborn child.

Named Baby Boo, the 3D and 4D baby scanning clinic gives all future parents a non-diagnostic ultrasound that offers an unforgettable bonding experience to both the partners. The clinic with fully trained 3D/4D ultrasound technicians uses the latest scanning technique and technology to form the 3D model of unborn babies.

While some may find it odd but according to Katie Kermode, owner of Baby Boo, it is similar to creating casts of baby’s feet and hands. Working strictly for bonding purpose, the clinic does not make any medical diagnosis. Apart from scan, the clinic also creates 3D models so that parents can frame the face of their unborn babies.

A revolutionary way to connect parents with their unborn babies, this advancement will be a boon for expecting blind mothers as with the help of 3D modeling they can easily visualize their babies. Backed by many positive testimonials and reviews, the Baby Boo is a great for expecting parents who just want to have a glimpse of their developing babies.

Baby Boo 3D models

Before and after photo

Via: Mashable

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