Babylon is a series of hanging plant pots for purifying office air

Elias Monzón, an industrial designer, has created a series of hanging plant pots called Babylon for a small office space. It is two-part pot in earthenware that’s designed to purify office air while adding greenery to any modern office interior.


The highlighting feature of this growing air purifier is its funnel. By pouring water into this funnel one can easily irrigate all plants in one go. The water goes directly to its inner chamber that gradually distributes water to the soil in each pot, keeping the plants healthy. The main purpose of this unique planter is to uplift the mood and bring fresh air into workspaces.

Project for small offices

This unique indoor planter is part of a creative project started by a student group of Danish Design furniture brand HAY and Stefan Diez from Lund University in Sweden. Diez and HAY invited a group of young students to design their own furniture for small office spaces to create a better environment. Various designers came up with different practical solutions for small office spaces such as modular furniture, work desks, coffee tables, etc.

However, we loved the Babylon – an innovative office planter that can irrigate plants in one go, as well as uplift mood and air quality within the office space.


By pouring water into a funnel one can easily irrigate all plants in one go


Growing air purifier

Via: SchoolOfIndustrialDesign

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