Bacon Express Bacon Grill Works Like a Toaster to Cook Perfect Meat

For those who are sick and tired of the mess associated with preparing bacon, the Bacon Express Bacon Grill is a perfect little appliance to resolve your meat cooking woes. The device is suitable for both thin and thick slices of bacon, and the grill can perfectly cook meat to a perfect crispiness that’s desired.

The appliance is like a toaster for bacon and it can incorporate up to six slices by hanging them on the grilling plate. This way extra fat can drip away to reduce the number of calories contained within each strip. Moreover, you don’t even have to flip the bacon slices while cooking, hence it even reduces the cooking time.

To use the appliance, all you need to do is adjust the illuminated dial timer on the toaster for desired crispiness, and then just sit back and smell the bacon cooking inside the machine. When it’s ready, its cool-touch handles further ensure that you don’t burn your fingers when taking out the bacon slices.

With this easy-to-use appliance, cooking bacon will be a breeze and clutter-free process. You’d sure like to eat bacon very often after owning this handy bacon grill.

Buy: $30

Via: GearHungry

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