Konel Bread

Baker mom turns son’s drawings into edible bread art

Children, their innocence and creative imagination can motivate anyone to create wonders. So is the case with this Japanese baker who is creating sensation on Instagram with her edible bread art. Working under the name of Konel Bread, the Tokyo-based baker mom has cleverly turned her son’s cute drawing into edible bread loaf. There is no video which showcases how she achieved and created such marvelous masterpieces, but one can easily find ingredients including flowers, fruits, cartoon characters, etc. made for using her bread art.

Infused with natural flavors and materials like spinach, cocoa, beetroot and more, baking process of the artful bread is somewhat similar to that of decorative rolled sushi. Thus, to create a colorful bread loaf, different colored strips of bread are placed together in desired pattern and then cast into a round loaf, which is then baked.

Giving bread loaf a creative and funny look, the mother has turned bread loaves into an endearing bit of artwork. One can also visit her Instagram and Facebook page to get glimpses of creative work done by this baker-cum-mother, who is taking inspiration from her son’s drawings.

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