Balamp is a smart bedside lamp that functions on weight of objects

Italian designer Andrea Cingoli, keeping our everyday habits in mind has created a bedside lamp whose function is based on the weight of the objects. Dubbed as Balamp, the bedside lamp is just like a balance; as it turns on and off based on the weight of the object placed on it.

Designed as a place to put objects like phone, and glass of water, the lightning system does not work on analog method. For setting alarm, clock and color tone, the lamp comes with its personal mobile application that can manage all the tasks, making the lamp a truly unique and one-of-a-kind lamp.

The bedside lamp made using dark crushed steel, poly-carbonate and polished polymer for inductive charging is also fitted with dimmable LED strip and scratch-proof film.  Measuring 30 x 30 x 5 cm, the lamp works on the load placed on it and by lifting any component, it lights up with small concentration of lightning. Hence, illuminating the corner without disturbing the partner sleeping next to you.

Fabricated as a multi-functional device, the top plate also acts as a wireless charger that allows smartphones to charge. Also featuring a built-in alarm clock, the lamp also projects the time for few seconds on the bedside table.  The revolutionary lamp has also been declared as a winner at the international iF Design Award 2016 in the lightning product category.

Bringing simplicity and minimalism with functionality, the Balamp is reinterpreting lightning system by giving them new meaning, shape and functionality.


Multi-functional lamp with features like clock, alarm and color tone


Made compatible with mobile app, all the features can be set with the help of an app


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