Balance bookshelf by Cush Design Studio

Balance bookshelf lets you keep read and unread books separately

If you are looking for a bookshelf that perfectly suits your linear space then you can opt for Balance bookshelf designed by Brooklyn based Cush Design Studio. Appearing like a balance, these bookshelves help you to clearly see the stack of read books on one shelf and the unread ones on the other. Each shelf can accommodate around 5 to 10 average sized books. The entire configuration consists of three pipe fittings on the walls, the placement of which can be adjusted while installing them on the wall.  These wall mounted bookshelves are produced by the design studio in a limited edition of 10 pieces each in individual three colors. The individual shelves measure 11-1/4″ (wide) x 9″ (diameter) x 3/4″ (height).

Although these wall mounted bookshelves look like a weight balance, but need to be adjusted manually. Available for purchase here at $325 to $350, these bookshelves are available in red painted pipe, dark walnut stained pine wood, and black acrylic twine.

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