Balka Console Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

Balka table by Gregoire da Lafforest stores your forgotten objects in a pouch

Balka Console Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

We have come across different furniture items with built-in storage spaces that keeps our belongings safely and handy in an organized manner. Such units are not just functional, but are attractive too. French designer Gregoire de Lafforest has designed a sleek console table dubbed Balka wherein you can store your necessities and retrieve them whenever required without forgetting where you had kept them.

Balka table serves as an entryway receptacle, replacing that empty bowl or tray cup that holds many of our forgotten items, which may not be used now, but maybe useful sometime in future. The table has an oak top and features a pierced drain that gently slides your  bunch of keys, partially discharged batteries, buttons, coins and various other things (you want stored) into flexible receptacle. These items can be stored there indefinitely or can be unearthed at any time by simply opening the pouch from a handle under the console.

This console table is a must have for every household as it helps in storing your little everyday treasures while keeping the clutter to a minimum. The Balka is only a prototype but it’s the winner at the VIA Design 2014 Furnishing Programme.

Balka Console Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

Balka Console Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

Via: ShoeboxDwelling/Knstrct

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