Balloon bench stays afloat in mid air or does it?

Two months ago, Andrew over at Gizmodo covered the Up coffee table by Duffy London with metal resin composite balloons bolstering the structure from underneath the tabletop with strengthened steel rods as the string. Now, here is another creation having a little resemblance with floating balloon coffee table which is surely going to take the internet world by storm. The balloon bench by Satoshi Itasaka – a young Japanese designer from the house of h220430 design studio – seems like floating in the air. The bench is suspended from the ceiling with the help of 4 anchors concealed by two bunches of red balloons. As we look at the whole setup, the bench appears like floating in mid air with the help of air/helium filled balloons. The balloon bundles do double duty of lamps.

Via: Dejoost

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