Baluchon Calypso – Mobile home with swanky interiors

The trend of making a comfy tiny house on wheels is really catching up with people across the globe, and that is evident from the numerous mobile homes we have seen thus far. Baluchon, a Parisian company obsessed with tiny house moment surprised us with their wooden home on wheels. Now they again caught our attention with the Calypso tiny house on wheels which looks impressive from the outside, and equally desirable from the inside.

Pitched as a family home which lets you enjoy the adventures of life, Calypso tiny house on wheels is perfect for 3 people, but it would be safe to say that it can house 4 people comfortably.

The 6.5 meter (21 feet) long and 4 meter (13 feet) high home is draped in red cedar and complimenting Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique (ancient Japanese exterior siding technique preserving wood by charring it with fire) which gives it a unique feel.

As I said, the tiny house is impressive from the inside with a full blown kitchen having oak worktop. Also, the large table and height adjustable stools seat three people comfortably.

Calypso has a sleeping loft for the elders with a double bed to relax or sleep without any worries. Also, there is a storage area and a main living space to entertain any surprise guests. There is a sofa that doubles as bed to accommodate one extra person, that’s the reason I said it is good for 4 people too.

The kids are going to love the mobile home as it has a raised bed with couple of wardrobe areas underneath. Thankfully the room on the ground floor has enough space to house a desk for the kids to do their homework.
To make living comfortable inside the house, there are all the basic appliances and accessories. There’s a water heater, refrigerator and air extractor.

There is no update from Baluchon regarding Calypso’s price or availability, so you’ll need to get in contact with them to learn more.

Clad in cedar wood and Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique

Detailed woodwork with impressive design

The master bedroom

The kitchen area

Bathroom having all the basics you need

View from the kids’ room

Wooden stairs to reach the raised bed

Windows let in ample light in the rooms

The bedroom with clever use of available space

Kitchen with seating area and countertop


Main entrance of the house

Baluchon Calypso – Tiny house on wheels

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