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Bambleu 4-in-1 cutting board folds up for compact storage

Bambleu: 4-in-1 Cutting Board Folds up for Compact Storage

We’ve seen many cutting board designs so far, but all of them are only meant for chopping and large ones tend to occupy extra space in your kitchen. If you’re fed up of your old boring chopping board, then it’s time to try the latest Bambleu cutting board by industrial designer James Stumpf, founder of StumpfStudio.

Although the design of Bambleu cutting board looks quite traditional, it is a four-in-one folding bamboo and stainless steel board that’s designed to offer more than just chopping the ingredients. The flexible design of the board is capable of providing a full-size cutting board, a smaller cutting board, an ingredient mover and even a garlic crusher.

In the form of a long chopping tile- it can be used to cut huge ingredients like vegetables. Just fold the cutting board to cut small ingredients like fruits, cooked food, etc. With its both ends moving freely, it can be used to move ingredients over to the pan. To use it as a garlic crusher, you need to simply place cloves of garlic between the two board halves and crush.

Bambleu is available in three finishes: light, medium and dark bamboo. Hence, there’s one for every kitchen interior style. It’s indeed a perfect kitchen preparation equipment that aims at making your kitchen work more efficient.

The four-in-one cutting board can be purchased from the designer’s website for $60, but currently 20-percent off is being offered on all pre-orders.

Bambleu 4-in-1 cutting board folds up for compact storage

Long cutting board

Bambleu 4-in-1 cutting board folds up for compact storage

Fruits can be chopped easily when the board is folded to half its size

Bambleu 4-in-1 cutting board folds up for compact storage

It can be folded for storage

Four different ways how the cutting board can be used

Four different ways in which it can be used

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