Bang & Olufsen Recreates Beogram 4000 Turntable with Modern Twist

Bang & Olufsen Recreates Beogram 4000 with Modern Twist as Beosystem 72-22

Bang & Olufsen traces its roots back to when it developed Beogram 4000, the world’s first electronically controlled tangential gramophone. Designed by Jacob Jensen in 1972, this music system is an example of timeless design that’s been popular forever.

B&O has recreated the modern version of the turntable in 2022. The company has created 30 limited edition pieces, marking the 50 years of the iconic music systems.

The new turntable comes with matching Beolab 18 stereo speakers and a Beoremote Halo remote control as addition of the modern technology. You can enjoy vinyl sound on the brand’s speakers and control the features with the Beoremote Halo. This is the 2022 Beogram 4000 music system. You can even stream the content wirelessly to the Beolab 18 stereo speakers.

Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, Senior Global Product Manager, Product Circularity & Classics Program at Bang & Olufsen said; “the Beosystem 72-22 seamlessly connects a 50-year-old design classic to contemporary speakers and technology, keeping our products relevant well past the industry standard and carving out a space for consumer electronics in the world of functional collectible design.”

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B&O has beautifully recreated the 90s music system with modern-day features. It is named “The Beosystem 72-22” in a nod to the turntable’s year of origin — 1972 — and the year of its re-creation — 2022. These turntables are made as part of the B&O’s Recreated Classics Initiative which aims to give life to limited products and showcases the longevity of Bang & Olufsen design.

In 2020, B&O had collected 95 original Beogram 4000 Series turntables from across the globe and refurbished them into a limited-edition collection that sold out in days across Europe.

Following up this year, B&O has recreated 30 new turntables featuring the 90s design with a modern twist, exclusively for the US and Canadian markets.

Beosystem 72-22 costs $45,000 in North America. It’s the popularity of vintage design that the recreation is nearly pre-sold at the time of the release, the press release notes.

Bang & Olufsen Recreates Beogram 4000 Turntable with Modern Twist

Image: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen Recreates Beogram 4000 Turntable with Modern Twist

Image: Bang & Olufsen

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