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Bar Mixvah is 3D-printed automatic cocktail-making machine

Bar Mixvah by Yu Jiang Tham

Yu Jiang Tham, a programmer and engineer from UCLA, has created a 3D-printed automatic cocktail-making machine called Bar Mixvah. He has made its parts using a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer and assembled them together. The best thing about Tahm’s invention is that it can be connected to a laptop, tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi to place your favorite drink orders. You can provide your favorite cocktail recipe to the machine through an internet-connected device and the machine will dispense your drink in few seconds.

Bar Mixvah

The machine works through a series of peristaltic pumps used inside it. Like your throat’s peristalsis, i.e. contraction and relaxation of muscles, the machine also pumps liquid from bottles into your glass in a similar fashion through these pumps.

Bar Mixvah

If you are interested in creating your own Bar Mixvah at home then, you can follow plans and codes shared by Tham on GitHub. You can successfully develop an identical machine for your home for just $180 by following Tham’s footsteps.

This cocktail-making machine will surely impress your friends in a cocktail party at your home. Your guests can also connect their tablets, laptops or smartphones to this cool device, which can accommodate itself easily on a computer table, using Wi-Fi and ask it to make a cocktail of their choice.

Via: Cnet

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