Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

Bareppa coffee table uses mere tension to keep its parts together

Coffee table and bungee cord are two unfamiliar objects with absolutely nothing in common. But recently British design studio Henry Swanzy has gracefully combined the two in form of a minimalist coffee table dubbed Bareppa.

It is a clever piece of furniture that’s held together using nothing more than tension from a bungee cord. Basically the coffee table consists of five major components i.e. three oak wood legs, a circular glass top and one bungee hub.

All these parts can be assembled together in just few minutes. Here are the three simple steps to accumulate all these different units.

First of all you need to place the round glass top on an elevated surface. Preferably, keep it on few piles of books for some levitation. Then, slide the wooden legs onto the glass using pre-cut slots.

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

Now, slide bungee cords over the legs to form a firm base on which the table could stand. Bungee cord adds tension to keep the legs in their proper position without any slackness.

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

Finally, it’s time to flip over and here is your final coffee table that looks beautiful, representing strength in its simplicity.

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

Check out the video given below to find out more about the Bareppa coffee table.

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

Final set up of the simplistic coffee table

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

It consists of five components: three legs, a glass top and a bungee hub

Bareppa coffee table by Henry Swanzy

All parts are held together using tension from the bungee cord

Via: Contemporist

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