Bark Clock One made in seven layers of precisely cut wood resembling growth rings of a tree

Bark Clock One

Not often wall clocks are as rudimentary as the ones we have decked up on our walls at home. Over time, wall clocks have been made in all forms, sizes and with amazing features. The latest in line is the Bark Clock One. The Bark Clock One is crafted out in seven layers of precisely cut and engraved natural birch wood, which is sanded to perfection on the front side. The wooden layers on the clock resemble growth rings of a tree. The clock is flattened well on the reverse, so it can mount flat on any wall at home.

Wall clock

Very similar in design to the growth rings on a tree, which are regarded as marks of passage of time with one ring denoting one year in life of the tree, the Bark Clock One is pretty awesome for a nature lover’s abode. Measuring 9×5-inches across its length and breadth, the €69 (approx. $95) Bark Clock One is powered with a single AA battery. What’s fun about the clock, you can choose a silent version of the clock, in case you don’t enjoy the soft ticking sound of the mechanical clock.

Wooden wall clock

Via: Asymmetree

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