bath house

This bath house in Naryn is made out of 13,500 old glass bottles

Located in Jany-Talap village of Ak-Taly district in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan, this bath house is made entirely out of glass bottles. A 28-year-old resident, Mirbek Nurabayev, collected around 13,500 trash glass bottles for constructing this sustainable bath house for the villagers.

For insulation, the recycled glass bottles were filled with water to maintain the temperature inside as per the current climatic conditions. The bath house has eight sections and it measures 8-meters in length, 2-meters in height, and 5-meters in width. Currently, he is earning 2,000 soms (approx. US $29) per day. The price of bath for kids older than seven is 30 soms, adults – 70 soms.

Glass bottle buildings are not really new to the world, and the waste materials are like miracles for this century, where we’re really focused on conserving energy and reducing the impact on nature. It’s good to know that people in both rural and urban areas throughout the world are becoming eco-conscious and doing their bit to protect the environment. We need more of such sustainable infrastructures to reduce carbon footprint and negative impact on nature.

bath house

Bath house made from old glass bottles

bath house

Located in Jany-Talap village of Ak-Taly district in Naryn

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