Bean Lamp by Marian Dumontet is shaped like a blooming flower

Drawing inspiration from nature for items of home décor isn’t anything new for designers. Couple of days back we acquainted you with nature-inspired towel radiators to keep you warm after bath. Now, from student designer Marian Dumontet from Strasbourg, France, comes a flower bud-inspired Bean Lamp. Warm and bright as the name itself, the concept lamp – shaped like a bud ready to bloom is made from wood. The lamp is really eco-friendly, in the sense that it is attached without the use of glue of screws.  16 wooden profiles are twisted in an oval shape to fit into the room created in the 17th plank which fits the lamp socket.

Place it on the table or suspend it down from the ceiling, the Bean Lamp is a great lighting inclusion for any décor at €250 (approx.$ 320).

Via: Ledito

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