Beat Shelf represents the pulsing heart adding dynamic look to room decor


Writers often represent their inner feeling and sentiments in the books that they write, and therefore we can say that those books (novels in particular) are their beating hearts. Respecting their sentiments, Van Tjalle en Jasper, a Dutch designer duo, has designed the Beat Shelf in form of a heartbeat or I should say pulse. Their simple functional furniture piece represents the iconic shape of the pulse line and makes a perfect place to keep novels. The design of this wooden shelf will definitely attract the attention of your guests more than the objects that it holds.

Amsterdam based designer team created the Beat Shelf by taking inspiration from the heartbeat thereby adding a dynamic look to the decor of any living space. It is available in American walnut, olive ash, solid oak or birch plywood. The suspension of which can be customized, so that the wall mounting can be easily done using just two screws. The beautiful angles and spikes make the bookshelf a bit extra functional as its spikes can be used to place the book that you are reading currently, reading open at the page where you stopped, functioning like a bookmark. The clean and modern lines of this impressive furniture unit will definitely appeal to the urban individuals to keep their books as well as other objects in an artistic way.

Beat-Shelf by Van Tjalle en Jasper

Beat-Shelf by Van Tjalle en Jasper

Via: Contemporist


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