Beat the summer heat with ‘Clino’ wheelbarrow tables

‘Clino’ is a garden table designed from a wheelbarrow. It can be easily set up and taken down in mere seconds, and effortlessly moved from one place to another, thanks to its front wheel. Its brilliant design originates from an archaeologist, Dario Rose, who always had some passion for design.

Rose, every time found herself struggling with her furniture, whenever she wanted to relocate it in some shady place of her garden during hot summer seasons. Being an archaeologist herself, she wasn’t unfamiliar with the shovels and wheelbarrows. She had always observed wheelbarrows being used for other purposes apart from their prime function of carrying away excavated materials.

So one fine day Rose took a pencil and a paper sheet, and with full determination decided to overcome this situation forever. After toiling a bit with the desired design, finally Clino was born.

The table’s front rubber, inflatable wheel attachment does all the trick. It can effortlessly be moved by a single person from one place to another, without worrying about the summer heat anymore or without the need of any extra covering overhead.

It is available in different sizes that provides comfortable gathering for 4 to 8 people. The new range includes tables made for much smaller spaces as well. Clino, comes with wooden tabletops as well as metallic top. Both are mounted on a galvanized metal frame, which has a thick coating of polyester paint to offer it high resistance from extreme weather conditions and UV radiations. 

Clino, is an award winning product, and it’s has nabbed A’Design Award 2015, in the category of ‘Decorative Items and Homeware Design’.

Clino by Dario Rose

Garden table designed from a wheelbarrow

Clino by Dario Rose

Available in metal table top

Clino by Dario Rose

A’Design Award 2015 winner product

Clino by Dario Rose

Can effortlessly be moved by a single person

Clino by Dario Rose

Available in red,blue,orange,yellow color

Clino by Dario Rose

Provides comfortable gathering for 4 to 8 people

Clino by Dario Rose

Comes with wooden table top as well

Clino by Dario Rose

Clino by Dario Rose

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