Pool Buoy World's First Floating Pool Umbrella

Beat the summer heat with world’s first floating pool umbrella

What do you do on a hot Sunday noon? Probably, take out your swim suit and invite few friends for a pool party? Well, that’s surely a great way to have fun and beat the heat. But what about the damage that your skin has to bear due to harsh sun rays? Even your best sunscreen cannot protect you from harmful UV rays of sun, however the world’s first floating pool umbrella dubbed Pool Buoy can surely save your day.

It is created by San Antonio-based husband-wife duo Jeremy and Erica Sloan from Shade Science, LLC to provide you a convenient solution to get some shade in pool during a hot sunny day. The Pool Buoy measures seven-feet across and comes with five cup holders. Thus, it not only offers some extra shade in the sun, but also forms a convenient spot to keep your cool lemonade glasses.

The pole for the umbrella is made out of strong aluminum, whereas the umbrella is crafted from ABS plastic to maintain strength and durability. It is a weighted object that reaches to the bottom to stay upright even in wavy and bad weather. Moreover, the drink holder acts as a buoy to let it float easily above water. It is surely the best possible way for summer-lovers to enjoy their day without worrying about the sun.

Overall, the Pool Buoy seems a fun and relaxing object to spend a lazy day at the pool with your friends. This cool pool accessory is available in blue and white color options. You can purchase it online for $249 to combat hot summer days in style.

Pool Buoy World's First Floating Pool Umbrella

World’s First Floating Pool Umbrella

Pool Buoy World's First Floating Pool Umbrella

It measures seven-feet across and convenient to provide you shade on a hot sunny day

Pool Buoy World's First Floating Pool Umbrella

It is also available in white color

Via: PRNewswire

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