Beautiful Foscarini UTO lamp works for both indoors and outdoors

If you are looking for a lamp that works both for indoors as well as outdoors then Foscarini has just the right product for you. UTO lamp designed by Lagranja Design is an interactive lamp that is soft to touch, colorful, comforting and is ideal for use anywhere in your home. You can use it as a floor, hanging or hook lamp because of its shock-proof, indestructible and simple aesthetics. Made from soft silicone rubber with diffuser in polycarbonate which is one piece driven for protection and isolation of bulb from damage.

To hang the lamp from any wall there is a hook provided along with 60W incandescent bulb or fluorescent bulb available in white, yellow and orange. UTO lamp retails for EUR 313 so it’s your prerogative whether to shell so much money on it or not.

Via: Atcasa

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