Bedlight Motion Activated Ambient LED Lighting provides sufficient light in dark


Do you often hurt yourself in the dark, while groping the light switch as you are unable to see things around you? Well, this Bedlight Motion Activated Ambient LED Lighting will provide you with ample light making things visible just as you move. This Bedlight from is a product that combines sensor with flexible LED technology. This intelligent lighting system, on sensing any motion, triggers the LEDs to glow brightly and turns off automatically within the time preset in the auto shut off timer.

The flexible LEDs used in the Bedlight lighting system is very much energy efficient and since it turns off automatically after a fixed time, a lot of energy is thus saved. This ambient lighting stands out from all other LED lighting strip on the shelve by integrating smart features like a motion sensor and an auto shut off timer within the strip. As soon as you make a moment in front of the LED strip, the motion sensor activates the soft white ambient lighting. The auto shut-off timer ranges from 30 second to 10 minutes and turns off the LED after the time that the user has set on it.

The Bedlight lighting kit includes two LED strips of 4 feet each with 48 LEDs on each of the strips, 3M glue strips for easy mounting of LED strips and brackets and screws for mounting the motion sensor. The Bedlight can be installed in any place where light is required in dark like under beds, dressers, in closets, bathroom vanities or kitchen counters and more. So don’t wait and get one today from here for $50.

You can take a look at the demo video below:

Via: Thegadgetflow

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