Beekeeper by Che-Cheng Liang

Beekeeper is portable, prebuilt living space for bees to flourish

Created by product designer Che-Cheng Liang, Beekeeper is a new portable pre-built place for bees to breed and flourish. This compact system can be placed on a balcony, patio or any other convenient space in your home. The beehive allows for the healthy breeding of bees, and the collection of honey.

It uses centrifugal force to separate honey from the honeycombs, allowing the golden nectar to flow freely into the attached container below. The structure of the honeycomb is spiral in shape, so that you can collect the honey easily without any mess. This design not only saves space, but also makes the process of keeping bees convenient and safe without worrying about predators or disturbances.

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This beekeeping system is ideal for people in urban locations who want to get involved with beekeeping even if they don’t have any extensive equipment. It has been designed to reduce the instance of noise disturbances and drastic temperature changes. All thanks to this compact bee hive, regular consumers who live in cities can also pet bees and get natural honey at home without any adulteration.

This urban beekeeper has been submitted at Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2017, which celebrates the uniqueness of practical designs that intend to make life easier for modern day consumers.

Beekeeper by Che-Cheng Liang

Image: SCID

Beekeeper by Che-Cheng Liang

Image: SCID

Source: SCID

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