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Stylish Beepot concrete planter has space for solitary bees to live in

Whether you put your favorite flower pots alongside windows or in any other corner of your house, they establish graceful connection with nature, and make your dwelling look lively. Planters are not only decoration pieces, but they also attract wildlife. If you have beautiful flower beds at home, and you are a bee lover, then Beepot by UK-based design firm Green&Blue is a great home décor piece to resonate your love for bees. It is a simple and beautiful concrete planter with separate space for a tiny bee dwelling. Just plant your favorite flowers and put the tiny planter in any corner of your garden to provide comfortable accommodation for bees.  

Beepot’s design is inspired by award winning Bee Brick which is another bee hotel from the design studio. Its artistic design and double usage make it a great gift for a nature lover. Also, you can grow succulents, flowers and small creeping vines in the planter.    

Beepot is sustainable solitary bee nesting site and a concrete planter to grow beautiful flowers as food source for them. It offers a modern way to feel their fascinating buzz in the yard, and motivate your kids to protect and love bees. You can purchase it for $56.07 at Green&Blue right away, and this rectangular concrete planter is available in natural white and premium charcoal shade. 

Available in two premium colors

Available in two authentic colors

Concrete planter with tiny bee hotel

Concrete planter with tiny bee hotel

Plant your favorite flowers

Plant your favorite flowers and put across windows or in any nook of your garden 

Great household item to establish nature appeal in homes

Great household item to establish nature appeal in homes

Attractive design and double usability

Attractive design and double functionality


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