3D printed chocolate

Belgian startup Miam Factory uses 3D printing to make chocolaty treats

From buildings to furniture and even food, we have seen many things made using 3D printing technology. Now, Belgian startup Miam Factory has brought this fast-growing technology to make chocolate treats in different shapes and sizes.

Using a specialized 3D printing machine, the makers take melted chocolate to shape three-dimensional objects such as Easter eggs, Easter bunny, name initials and beer bottles. These edible chocolate objects are formed layer-by-layer, 0.2 mm at a time.

The Miam Factory is started by University of Liege’s Smart Gastronomy Lab, which is operated by research technology in the food and beverages sector. They have four specialized 3D printers, which take around 10 minutes to three hours to create chocolates in desired shapes. The company produces 3D-printed chocolaty objects and also engraves chocolates and macaroons with messages or logos for clients.

Recently, Belgian brewery Bertinchamp offered a custom prize to the winners of an Easter egg hunt. They commissioned Miam Factory to 3D print chocolate beer bottles for the winners. The startup made the edible beer bottles using 24.6 meters of chocolate.

The company often gets orders from hotels, businesses and individual customers for custom-made chocolates. The price range for different chocolates depends on what kind of size, shape, and chocolate is required by the client.

3D printed chocolate

Miam Factory is started by University of Liege’s Smart Gastronomy Lab

3D printed chocolate

3D printed chocolate

3D printed chocolate

Cholocate made from 3D printer

3D printed chocolate

3D printed chocolate beer bottle

3D printed chocolate

Chocolaty objects are made layer-by-layer

Via: Reuters

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