Ben Finio's Infinity Mirror

Ben Finio’s Infinity Mirror with RGB LEDs for changing colors

Ben Finio's Infinity Mirror

Remember our previously covered Infinity Table? Well, now Ben Finio has showcased his nifty project (at Instructables) which he touts as the – ‘combination of two classic projects: RGB LED control with an Arduino, and an Infinity Mirror’. The Infinity Mirror as we all know gives us the illusion of an ‘infinite’ spiraling hole actually contrived from a solid object (like a reflecting table top or a glass mirror). Now, Finio’s new contrivance allows us to make a DIY Infinity Mirror with cool new color changing effects, which are possible due to the integration of a dedicated RGB LED control.

According to the expert DIYer, the materials used for any ‘home made’ Infinity Mirror are variable, given the user’s preference on how he/she wants to  assemble the project. In fact, in many cases we can totally eschew the complexity of an Arduino board to make a cheap and simple Infinity Mirror.

Of course in this case, the designer has specified an assortment of electronic items needed for the project, which includes – an Arduino UNO R3, one meter of RGB LED strip, power switches, hook-up wires and DC power supply (please check the Instructables link for the material list and the construction process).

Finally, as for the mirror, Finio has used three separate components for the build – a regular mirror, a frame and the one-way mirror. The frame was constructed from a cardboard lid (papier mache optional), inside which the regular mirror was housed. Once again, for more details on the building process and the tools used, please refer to the aforementioned lead.

Ben Finio's Infinity Mirror

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