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Ben Uyeda builds modern Christmas Tree 2.0 from wood

Boston-based designer Ben Uyeda, co-founder of designer studio HomeMade Modern, recently built Xmas tree 2.0 from wooden slides in a modern context. He joined different sized slides of wood to give it a shape of modern Christmas tree. As described in their video; there was foremost use of miter saw, orbital sander and cordless drill to attach the wooden slides together in certain shape.

The building procedure of Xmas tree 2.0 is easy and doesn’t need much hard work and special materials. The design started with cutting different sized lengths of wood as described at RyobiTools. Then all pieces of the wood were sanded uniformly to represent the Xmas tree smoothly. To assemble the pieces, drill or nailer can be used. Starting from the longer pieces, he progressed to smaller pieces and screwed them all accordingly. The screws were set in an innovative pattern to keep the design distinct.

When screwed together, the pieces look rounded, similar to a Xmas tree. Finally personalize its look, as you like. The natural wood finish is good but you can also paint or stain to match with your style.  The designer has described nothing about the lighting used in the design though. However, battery powered LEDs can be used to lighten up your Xmas tree. This modern Xmas tree is a easy and modern way to decorate your homes on Christmas eve this year.

Easy-to-make modern Xmas tree

Easy-to-build modern Xmas tree

Paint or stain cccordingly to match with your style

Paint or stain accordingly to match with your style

Wooden structure with LED lights

Wooden structure with battery-powered LED lights


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