Bent beech-wood sticks joined as modular Waltz wall coat hanger

As a tribute to the legendary Viennese roots of Waltz, an Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi has designed a wall coat hanger inspired from steps of the ballroom dance. Bent beech-wood sticks when joined beautifully express the repetitive curvy steps of the dance very well. This design has been created for Gebruder Thonet Vienna 2016 collection.

It has multiple modules with three curved elements that can be joined as the coat hanger. The first two elements face upwards, and the other is downwards. These upside down contoured pieces mounted on the wall beautifully represent the curled movements of the dancers of Waltz.

Molded beech-wood in a standard finish takes care of the sustainability and style. The Waltz coat hanger comes in dimensions 66 x 88 x 8 cm. You can join the number of modules as per the space available. The upward face of the hanger can be used to hang coats and the downward part for umbrellas.

Its curly shape offers a cool way for hanging your cloths and other things along with decorating your walls in Waltz style. The Waltz wall coat hanger can be purchased from Milia for €300.20 (USD334.45).

Modular shape allows its expansion according to the space available

Its modular shape allows its expansion according to the space available

Protruding bends used as hanger

Upward and downward bends used as hanger

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