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BentGrass air filter cleans air, emits natural scents

 BentGrass Air Filter Concept by Dominyka Barkauskaite

With an increase in air pollution, the quality of ambient air is deteriorating continuously. This impure air is the main cause of various health-related issues. To combat this situation, many designers from around the globe are coming up with various ideas of air purification systems that guarantee to purify air, leaving clean and fresh air to breathe. Lithuania based industrial designer Dominyka Barkauskaite has conceptualized an air filter dubbed BentGrass (Smilgeles in Luthuanian) that provides a clean and desirable atmosphere in a dwelling, making the people inside feel as if they are amidst natural surrounding.

The BentGrass air filter concept protects us from every kind of indoor air pollutants such as dust, bacteria, cigarette smoke, etc. Long vertical tubes are made up of flexible and transparent plastic that undulate like real bentgrass while trapping air pollutants in filters located at the base. The swinging narrow tubes absorb air particles and generate anions, which chemically oxidize, neutralize any foul odor and finally scatter clean and fresh oxygenated air in your home. When the green light emitted by the narrow tubes become darker in color, it indicates that the air filters need to be changed

Dominyka’s project, besides purifying the air that you breath, also allows the user to change the static home environment because of a special function that produces natural sounds and scents creating a desirable natural environment of mountain, sea or a forest inside your home. Press of a button on the touch panel situated on the base can transform smelly environment of your room into a fragrant atmosphere.

Thanks, Dominyka

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