BeoPlay A2 Active speaker is resistant to dust and water damage

B&O Play has unveiled its new portable BeoPlay A2 Active speaker with more rugged design, which is resistant to dust and water damage. Offering True360-degree sound, the wireless speaker system comes with the ability to connect up to eight Bluetooth devices at the same time. It can also be stereo paired with another A2 or A2 Active speakers for playing music in larger areas.

Portable speaker with colored straps

Two new straps are attached to the portable speaker. These straps are available in a range of colors that will change depending on which speaker finish you select. For instance, if you grab the A2 Active in natural finish, then it will come with natural and royal blue straps.

The stone gray finished speaker has stone gray and sandstone straps. Moreover, you’ve also got the option to purchase leather strap and replace the canvas strap on the Beoplay A2 Active, if you wish to do so.

BeoPlay app

The A2 Active even supports B&O Play’s Beoplay app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch. This means you can change speakers sound settings using any smart device. This wireless speaker lacks DC power input in favor of a USB Type-C port, which offers faster charging times for the speaker’s reported 24-hour battery life.


The latest B&O Play Beoplay A2 Active with colored straps can be yours for €399 (approx. US $424).


Portable outdoor speaker


It boasts rugged design that’s resistant to dust and water damage


The speaker comes with two different colored straps


The Bluetooth speaker offers True360-degree sound

Via: Pocket-lint

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