Salone Del Mobile is one of the most revered furniture events in the world. It is a gathering hub of budding and already established designers from around the world who collectively share a platform to showcase their creativity and innovative designs and set future trends. This year, the event was buzzed with another level of excitement and throng, as expected.

Salone del Mobile 2024 featured a plethora of intriguing and revolutionizing furnishings for residential and commercial settings, redefining the materials and shapes. There were some remarkable furniture designs showcased at the event that remained under the spotlight and stole the show. Here, we are listing our 10 favorite furniture picks from Salone Del Mobile 2024. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Le Mura Sofa by Mario Bellini x Gucci

The Le Mura sofa’s original design dates back to 1972. Now a part of the latest Gucci design Ancora, Le Mura is designed by Italian designer and architect Mario Bellini of furniture studio Tacchini in the vivacious oxblood shade of Rosso Ancora. Keeping alive the dynamics and vision of the original sketch and relishing the old sentiments of timeless furniture, Tacchini and Gucci designed this classic and graceful sofa.

It is a three-seat sofa configured by assembling three different parts upholstered in lustrous leather. The sofa bears visible copper clasps and zippers that catch the eye and make a style statement. Having a seamlessly tangible and impressively plush design, it resembles the carved boulders of the Roman walls.

Image: Gucci

Vanity Fair XC Armchair by Poltrona Frau and Fornasetti

The collaboration between Tolentino-based Poltrona Frau and Milanese design house Fornasetti resulted in the most exquisite and ethereal piece of furniture, Vanity Fair XC armchair. This fusion of surreal imagination and artistic endeavor teleports one into a dreamlike and mysterious world.

Crafted from seasoned beech solid wood and featuring padding of hand-modeled vegetable horsehair and rubberized horsehair, the chair blurs the line between reality and imagination. Considered to be a rework of the classic Vanity Fair armchair, which was first conceptualized by Renzo Frau of Poltrona in 1930, this timeless armchair is a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Image: Fornasetti

Alder Collection by Patricia Urquiola x Mater

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola designed the Alder collection for Danish design studio Mater. It distinctively exhibits the company’s newly formed environmentally friendly material called Matek. The Alder is the progeny of this mind-blowing fusion, ideating on a sustainable design that’s future-ready. It is built entirely from biodegradable materials that come from nature and return to nature at the end of life.

The Alder collection features seamlessly tangible soft edges, circular tops, and cylindrical bases paired with earthy color tones. It has four designs, each one produced using mono-material that can be disintegrated for each part to be upcycled and used multiple times. The Alder tables serve their purpose of renewable furniture with modern sensibilities that push the boundaries of a traditional one.

Image: Nicklas Hemming

TOPOS Furniture Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects and iSiMAR

Two prolific minds, Zaha Hadid Architects and iSiMAR, brought out the TOPOS collection to evoke the memories of spending time outdoors. The collection named after the Greek word for ‘place’ is a reminiscence of sweet outdoor memories with family and friends. It is an unprecedented design with an essence of geographical topography representing Mediterranean landscapes with valleys and hills.

Crafted in 100 percent recycled galvanized steel, the collection is durable and environmentally friendly. The breathable structure presents visual lightness in creating modern functional spaces through fine contouring. The furniture pieces rest on curved and angled bases that bring stability and outline the body.

Image: Zaha Hadid Architects

Match Table by Martinelli Venezia

The Match table is an unconventionally designed piece by Martinelli Venezia and presented by Federica Sala for the Italian interior designer FENIX Scenario. It features two tabletop halves – merged in a rising wave at the center – transforming it into a ping pong table that advertently invites the diners for a competitive match.

Exhibiting a round tabletop with a cylindrical base, the table reminds us of classic dining tables. However, the folded center adds a glimmer of modernity to it. Its interesting dual-color concept outlines the idea of duality, functionality, and irony. Divided by a game, united by a meal.

Image: Martinelli Venezia

Cactaceae Collection by Saniharto Enggalhardjo

The Cactaceae collection comprises Sucus, Optuna, and Kitata furniture pieces. The Sucus lounge chair is defined by its succulent-inspired characteristics. The leather material imitates the tangible surface of the plant.

The Optuna coffee table made from marble and wood, draws its inspiration from the structure of a cactus that is quite conspicuous in the texture and shape of the legs. The Kitata counter stool created from leather, metal, and wood is ergonomic and textured. It is inspired by the detailed texture of the cactus.

Image: Saniharto

Minotti Supermoon Collection by Minotti London

Minotti London introduces the Supermoon collection, which is inspired by the ’70s classic style of furniture with clean lines, organic shapes, and minimalistic design. A collaboration between Italian designer Giampiero Tagliaferri and Minotti resulted in this highly proportioned, graceful, and timeless sofa collection.

Providing multiple configurations due to its modular design, the furniture collection provides a handful of setups to keep your living space invigorating. The monolithic low-height sofa flaunts the backrest shape representing the lunar phases. Infused with innovative design, the collection is ergonomically apt to be a functional piece of furniture for any living space.

Image: Wallpaper

Morphologica by Misha Kahn for Meritalia

In this unconventional foreplay of design, the Morphologica by Misha Kahn is inspired by human body shapes. It draws a vibrant tapestry of colors, shapes, and forms reflecting the folds and curves of human skin.

It is a refreshing design with unprecedented shapes, and bold color tones that give this quirky furniture a new perspective and bring out a new side of creativity. Crafted from a polyurethane foam and upholstered in a fabric, the chair outlines adaptability and versatility, and an anti-conformist vision of the maker.

Image: Misha Kahn

Brannboll Collection by IKEA

The Brannboll by IKEA is a collection of 20 eclectic and versatile items made especially to fulfill the growing needs of dynamic gamers. The items in the collection comprise furniture, various storage solutions, and accessories, designed to bring versatility to everyday gaming space to enhance the experience. The collection not only offers an engaging atmosphere during the gaming session but also infuses the space with an aesthetic quality when the game is off.

Image: IKEA

Duo by Zanellato and Bortotto

To maintain a perfect balance, the Duo by Zanellato and Bortotto is a double-seated furniture piece. Embodying the phrase “two is better than one”, the chair is only complete when paired together. It showcases two rocking chairs complimenting each other and bringing a sense of harmony with constant balance. The furniture explores the relationship between two objects, just like two individuals.

Image: FENIX

The event was full of spirit and fervor with all the extraordinary designs featured, however, here we have compiled our top furniture picks from Salone Del Mobile 2024. What are your thoughts?

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