Best steel wall clocks from Nomon to deck up your home

Spanish manufacturer Nomon is a world leader when it comes to designing beautiful modern wall clocks for interior design. The uniquely designed timepieces by Noman are more than mere watches hanging on the wall – they are sculpture to stay there for eternity. The Noman watches are a result of innovative technology, precision watchmaking and very high quality that make them ideal watches to decorate the walls of homes and offices. What makes them stand out is their customized stainless steel design, walnut finish or Gold collection, easy to install ability and very silent operation, which separates them from the annoying clocks that make a typical ticking noise.

Four watches that really stand out in Nomon’s steel collection include the Watch Merlin, Watch Punto y Coma, Clock 2 Points and Ellipsis watch 4i Nomon model, the ‘i’ in the collection includes watches in steel finish, while ‘n’ models indicate of walnut finish and ‘g’ denotes the gold collection.

Ellipsis watch

Featuring four time signal (for 12, 3, 6 and 9), the Ellipsis watch is made in steel, has no second hand but has a very clean design, perfect for any wall in the house.

clock 2 points


Comprising a dual stainless steel rim exterior, the clock 2 points is stationed on the wall by a single anchoring point. Consisting of cool steel machinery well placed in the center of a steel rod cross in center of the clock, the watch has no second hand.

Clock Merlin

Clock Merlin is a exquisite chromed steel needles design with 12 time signals also made of steel.

clock Punto y Coma

Most unique in shape the clock Punto y Coma has a pendulum of sorts hanging from a high anchor in the wall. The watch is interestingly designed with only a small mechanical system and two arms extending out midway of the pendulum.

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