Beton Brut by Kemmler

Beton Brut – A prefabricated concrete garage for your car

As cities are becoming larger and transportation technology is changing, the role and function of parking garages has to be redefined. So, to offer you a dream garage for your car, Kemmler has created ‘Beton Brut’. It is a prefabricated concrete garage for your residential or commercial structure which is sheer benefit. Beton Brut is a French term that refers to concrete surfaced by leaving the impression of the form in which it was molded.  

Beton Brut is an outcome of mixed materials like untreated concrete, glass and steel; all combined to give it a minimalist design. Its concrete roof features small square glass skylights that allows natural light inside, while an integrated LED lighting offers supplementary illumination to this car house.

Embedded in concrete are small air grids, ensuring fresh air supply all the time. The garage also has an open-channel draining system, to make the cleaning job easy. An artificially rusted steel door provides access to this concrete unit and all its operating elements are reduced in size to give its interiors an organized look. Furthermore, its robust cement structure provides you with long lasting durability.

Having a garage with this level of protection and innovative design will make your car happy. The wow factor of this parking garage is that it has already proved its worth by winning the ‘Red Dot Award’ in 2016.

Beton Brut by Kemmler

Prefabricated concrete garage

Beton Brut by Kemmler

Integrated LED lighting for illumination in this car house

Beton Brut by Kemmler

Artificially rusted steel door

Beton Brut by Kemmler

Beton Brut by Kemmler

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