Betospot – Remarkable Pendant Lamp Made From Hollow Concrete Tube

We daresay this is the first time we have come across a lighting fixture which is made from concrete. Completely altering the essence of a pendant lamp, it is the solidity of the Betospot that defines the ultimate lighting effect. In this regard, each specimen entails a thin, lightweight concrete tube with gravel pieces pockmarking the surface. The illuminating device (like energy efficient LEDs) is fixed within this hollow decorative tube, while the outer gravel pieces lead to the playful diffusion of the light.

The aforementioned gravel pieces are conveniently embedded onto the concrete mix from the initial manufacturing process. The irregular patches range from the thickness of  0-32 millimeters in size, thus corresponding to variant degrees of light dispersion.

Finally, coming to the scope of usage, Betospot can be hanged as a traditional decor light from the ceiling with the help of stainless steel fittings. However, there is also a more novel option of hanging it with the company supplied orange textile cable. This creates a unique visual ambit which replicates the fantastical ambiance of large suspended candles.

Dimensions – Diameter – 95 mm, Height – 190 mm.

Via: ArchiProducts

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