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Bidocoro: Luxury toilet seat decorated with Japanese lacquerware art

Last month at the annual Hotel & Restaurant Show in Tokyo, the Tochigi-based toilet wholesaler Sakamoto Co. unveiled the artistic lacquered toilet seat, dubbed Bidocoro. Bidocoro is a fusion of words ‘bidet’ and ‘Kokoro’ meaning spirit or mind in Japanese. The pot comes painted in lacquerware or shiki (as better known in Japan) and it’s meant to be a showpiece of the Japanese art and craft.

Bringing traditional Japanese crafts into the lavatory, the segment of these artistic toilet seats are designed to attract well-off tourists. Therefore, these will be installed in popular tourist destinations in Japan such as hotels, airports and other public spaces that newcomers to the country pass through.

So far, the company has installed a unit in a shop in Nikko, one of Japan’s popular tourist destinations. People with the love for art and culture of the country are likely to be attracted by these extravagant toilet seats. These toilet seats are so attractive that tourists may not resist clicking a picture for sharing on social media.

You can also order them for your home from the official website. The extravagant toilet seat comes in various versions, including tomato red and gold, royal blue and gold, and jet black and gold.  However, the unit that was displayed at the Hotel & Restaurant Show in Tokyo featured opulent elements such as lacquerware art, gold dust and Swarovski crystals, and with a hefty price tag of about ¥10 million (approx. US $90,000). On the other hand, the standard versions are priced between ¥330,000 and ¥770,000 (approx. US $2,900-$6,700).


Luxury toilet seat Bidocoro


Decorated with Japanese lacquerware art


The toilet seat is meant to be a showpiece of the Japanese art and craft

Via: LuxuryLaunches

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