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Friluftsliv school bus

Big Yellow School Bus turned into a comfortable place to stay

It is true that tiny houses sound great in terms of creativity and imagination, but turning an old school bus into an incredible and comfortable place to stay is even more prodigious. The two lovely ladies purchased the 2000 International Diesel, a 60-passenger school bus, from the government in an online auction for $2,000 and converted it into a small home on wheels. This converted school bus home  is a great build by these two ladies.  

The school bus conversion into a cozy abode is properly documented by these ladies in their blog  tinyhomebusconversion. The blog delightfully depicts the complete journey of the school bus from auction center to transformation into a relaxed tiny house, and how help from friends and family made it possible for them to turn it into something beautiful and creative.

They have named the house as Friluftsliv, which is a Norwegian word loosely translated as ‘open air life.’ The 220-square-foot living space has everything that one requires to live comfortably, i.e., a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living area and composite toilet.

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To maintain a moderate temperature inside the bus, a mini split A/C is fitted right over the bed to provide cool air in summer time. The washer and dryer is fitted right next to the bed to save space. The material used in renovation process is either reclaimed wood, salvaged material, pieces donated by friends or bought from craigslist, making it a true environmentalist’s ultimate choice. The adaptation of school bus into a home is indeed an extraordinary task done by the duo and her friends.

Friluftsliv school bus

2000 International Diesel, 60-passenger school bus

Friluftsliv school bus

Bedroom with washer/dryer to save space

Friluftsliv school bus

The sitting area with beautifully fitted lotus lamp

Friluftsliv school bus

The tabletop is made from reclaimed wood

Friluftsliv school bus

The four-burner gas stove to enjoy cooking for family and friends

Friluftsliv school bus

Kitchen with ample natural light

Friluftsliv school bus

The huge closet to store clothes and other stuff

Friluftsliv school bus

Bathroom with composite toilet

Via: LittleThings

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