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Billiard Urbain Concrete Pool Table Encourages Interaction in Public Places

Should we be grateful to technology or should we blame it? Well, it surely depends on how we utilize it. While most of us are thankful for modern day gadgets (as they have made our life easy) there are some who believe that they have made us a slave and we’re forgetting the fun of being out in the open.

Keeping the latter concern in mind, French architect Gwendal Le Bihan has created a concrete pool table that promotes urban practices and offers interaction in public places. Dubbed Billiard Urbain, the concrete pool table is a blend of street furniture and sports equipment.

The billiards urban is made entirely from concrete and to give that real feel, the slate is poured over cement, which is mixed with a special raisin. This not only offers a smooth playing surface but also makes it resistant to atmospheric agents and degradation. One can easily play blackball or eight balls, but Le Bihan encourages that people must invent their own games to enhance interaction and thought-sharing.

The pool table is currently installed in front of Theater Graslin stairs, located in Nantes, France, but the designer hopes to install it in other cities too.

Billiards Urban

Concrete pool table by Gwendal Le Bihan

Billiards Urban

Encourages public interaction

Billiards Urban

Currently installed in front of Theater Graslin stairs, Nantes


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