Bio Sail fire place fills home with marine lifestyle

Fireplaces have a very special place in our homes setup and design; therefore it is very tricky to pick the finest fireplace. Yet, if your choice is a little sea-worthy, then Bio Sail is just the perfect fireplace for your abode. Drawing inspiration a ship, the fire place has a very unique design comprising two marble slabs stationed vertically on an oval shaped pair (small and big) granite panels – as if they were sails of a ship. The two curved slabs run next to each other as if harmony and have a ball placed in the center, giving the entire fireplace a sensual design.

Bio sail consists of two types of granite and metal part furnace, with a 1L capacity humidifier and a 1.5 liter bio-liquid to burn fire. The lower part of the furnace is a two-storey block with round edges which gives it a nice aerodynamic shape like the ship itself. In the middle is the furnace that burns ideologically and aesthetically, adding charm to the room. Price at around $1800, the Bio Sail fire place is worth every type of home interior.

Via: MaxSolutions

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