Biometric Gun Box

Biometric Gun Box ensures intruders can’t access your firearm

Some people need to keep firearms with them for security reasons. But the major argument against owning a handgun is that near ones and even intruders can have an easy access to it if you’re not around. Moreover, you also have to be careful with kids in your house- as they might shoot it unknowing, leading to a serious accident.

So what could be the possible way to keep your security at hand, while not getting your loved ones into trouble? Well, the answer to the question comes in a classy sleek design of the Biometric Gun Box that’s created to keep your firearm with you all the time, ensuring no one else except you has access to the high-tech security system.

Designed by Ryan Hyde, the founder of RPH Engineering, LLC, the Gun Box is made out of aircraft strength aluminum alloy. It comes in a tiny briefcase-like layout to safely keep a pistol inside without any damage. For accessing the handgun stored inside, the owner can use biometric, RFID scanner and matching wristband, or both.

In biometric system, fingerprint scanning is required for opening its lock, else it won’t unlock. This means no one else will be able to get their hands on the dangerous security weapon in your absence. Besides that, it also features alert notifications that send SMS text to phone if someone tried to open or move it from the original storage location.

The stylish gun storage system is meant to be left on a nightstand by your bedside. This means you can easily reach out to the handgun while resting in your bedroom. The Gun Box also features dual USB ports for keeping your phones and other gadgets charged during your sleep time or any time of the day. It is indeed a stylishly smart way to keep your dangerous weapons near you, without any safety concern.

Buy: $293

Biometric Gun Box

Sleek gun box with biometric facility

Biometric Gun Box

It ensures no one except you can access your firearm

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