3D Printed Biomimicry chair by Lilian van Daal

Biomimicry is 3D-Printed Chair Inspired by Plant Cell Structure

Industrial designer Lilian van Daal has created a 3D-printed soft chair called Biomimicry for her graduation project at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). The design of this 3D-printed seating unit is inspired by the complex structure of plant cells and is created using 3D Systems Benelux. The sustainable furniture can be easily recycled, as it is made of a single material instead of several materials.

If not made of foam, then how come this 3D-printed chair provides a soft seating area? Well, the entire body of the chair is created with different densities of material in different areas to provide rigidity as well as softness. The material used is denser at legs and base for appropriate strength, whereas the seating area has minimum density to make it soft for comfortable seating.

Design of the chair closely resembles structure of plant cells clubbed together to form a comfortable chair with elegant appearance. Van Daal’s brilliant design shows not only the power of 3D-printing technology to form durable intricate structures, but also fabricate something soft like the Biomimicry chair when it comes to making comfortable furniture unit.

Biomimicry 3D-Printed Chair

Biomimicry 3D-Printed Chair

3D Printed Biomimicry chair by Lilian van Daal

Via: 3DPrint/Dezeen

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