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Bios Incube

Bios Incube turns loved one’s cremated remains into a tree

People all around the world have unique ways to commemorate their loved ones after their death. Some keep the cremated remains in an urn, while others plant trees in memory of someone. But now Barcelona-based Company’s Bios Urn is going to replace an age-old cemetery plot with new technology. Dubbed Bios Incube, the fully-biodegradable urn provides you a sensitive and natural way to memorize loved ones who have passed away.

Basically it’s an incubator for after life, which can satisfy you desire of commemorating in a whole new way. Although planting trees in memory of someone after their death is a common practice, but this compact urn has been designed for those who don’t have an open garden or backyard space for plantation.

This large, somber, white planter is equipped with a smart sensor that can track conditions of the growing plant. The sensor even connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends all the collected data to the device’s companion mobile app for Android or iOS. Using a smartphone app, you can easily monitor temperature, light exposure and moisture levels in both atmosphere and soil.

The urn also features a water tank to can keep the plant hydrated for up to 20 days before needing to be topped up. Plus, the system also keeps tab on the quality of the water used for hydrating plants. The project is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get this unique cremation planter into production phase.

At the time of writing, a pledge of €350 (approx. US$384) or more can help you secure one of the incubators. If the campaign successfully achieves the target amount for production, you can expect the shipping from November.

For now, you can watch the video given below to have complete overview of the Bios Incube.

Bios Incube

App-controlled biodegradable urn

Bios Incube

Bios Incube

The smartphone app tracks conditions of growing plants

Bios Incube

The urn is perfect for limited space houses

Via: Inhabitat

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