hide a key-birdhouse

This birdhouse is a key hider in disguise

hide a key birdhouse

Generally, fake rocks or doormats are considered safe to hide an extra set of house keys. But, as these hiding places have become quite common, burglars would definitely search for your keys there. Therefore, if you want to protect your house from being robbed, you must start looking for a new hiding place that no one will ever think of looking. And none other than a birdhouse having key hiding feature hung at a far end of your home or garden can better solve this purpose.

hide a key birdhouse

As the name suggests, the Hide-a-Key Birdhouse is an ingenious product  design by Looker Inc. that holds your keys safely and also serves as a nesting place for your feathered friends. It is beautifully created of cedar wood where the magnetic trap door underneath reveals two  hooks for holding your keys safely.  You can either hang it or mount to the wall. Priced at $20, this cute key hider makes a perfect gift item.

hide a key birdhouse

Via: OhGizmo

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