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Milkshakes by Black Tap

Black Tap’s humongous Milkshakes can send anyone in sugar coma

New York-based Black Tap burger restaurant, renowned for craft burgers and beer, has created insanely humongous milkshakes that come with large proportions of multitude sweet toppings. Becoming a sought after food art, the restaurant has menu filled with flavors that rotate occasionally to offer something new every time customers walk-in.

Serving flavors like Cotton Candy, Cookie Dough, S’mores and Caramel Apple, the milkshakes come with some oddly amusing toppings. Capable to appetite ones entire meal, the Black Tap restaurant is also selling limited edition shakes like Mets World Series Milkshake, Breast Cancer Awareness Month Milkshake or even Candy Cane Christmas Milkshake.

Proving to be a dream destination for sweet-tooth enthusiasts, the milkshakes are priced at $15 and hold the strength to send anyone in sugar coma. According to chef and owner Joe Isidori, the idea credit goes to his wife, who requested for cotton candy milkshake that has made Black Tap one of the popular restaurants in New York.

Black Tap also sells regular milkshakes for $7, but the aforementioned milkshakes have taken the online media by swirl. The restaurant is also coming with special Red Velvet Milkshakes for valentine and Super Bowel Milkshakes for Super Bowl 50. If you get a chance to visit New York, do not forget to grab one for yourself.

Via: MyModernMet

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