Block'd sofa by Scott Jones

Bloc’d Sofa by Scott Jones is a playful and interactive furniture piece

Block'd sofa by Scott Jones

This sofa that we are going to discuss in this article today is not just a mere furniture piece. This happens to bring about the creative designer in you. Dubbed as the Bloc’d Sofa, the designer Scott Jones has designed this furniture piece in such a way that the user can redesign, or to be specific, re-arrange the foam cushions of the sofa in countless configurations.

The Bloc’d Sofa provides a modular seating solution to those who live in small apartments. It is made up of a number of soft foam cushions in cubical, cuboidal and various other shapes, which are fixed into a wooden grid frame made of maple  and steel giving it the form of any type of seating object. The user can adjust the cushions to make it a sofa with a raised backrest or rearrange them to form a seat with armrest or individual seats or any way he likes. This graceful sofa can be transformed to work well with all kinds of interiors.

The basic cube units provide the utmost comfort needed by a seating object. The Bloc’d Sofa is a playful furniture piece as the soft cube units can be rotated and displaced, just like in Tetris, to give life to diverse seating configurations.

Via: Gizmodo

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